Tom Cruise Prepares for Mission: Impossible 7 Train Stunt In New Image

Tom Cruise rides an old time train engine in a new image from Mission: Impossible 7. A few months back, Cruise made waves when he was caught on tape threatening to fire crew members on his newest Mission: Impossible movie when they were found to have violated COVID protocols. Some were shocked by the tone of Cruise’s berating words, while others in the movie industry expressed agreement with the actor and producer’s over-the-top comments to irresponsible members of his crew.

Even if Cruise may have gotten carried away with his profanity-laced tirade, it’s easy to understand his irritation as Mission: Impossible 7 had at that point already experienced delays in filming due to COVID. Indeed, the movie was affected early on in the pandemic as COVID hit Italy, where much of the film’s primary action was set. Now however, Mission: Impossible 7’s production is moving full steam ahead in England, as demonstrated by several recent leaks affording fans a peek at the behind-the-scenes action on the production. One recent leak even showed Cruise becoming a real life hero by rescuing a cameraman who had lost his footing on the side of a train during the execution of a stunt sequence featuring Cruise and co-star Haley Atwell.

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