Discovery of gravity

         Gravity is a force that attracts objects. It is also the force that makes objects fall down when you drop them. Because of gravity things on earth have a certain weight. Gravity on Earth pulls objects to the centre of the planet.         Every time you throw a ball up into the air it is pulled back to Earth. This occurs in nature all the time.

Discovery of gravity         Ancient astronomers observed the movements of the moon and the planets across the sky very carefully. In the 17 th century the English scientist and mathematician Isaac Newton wondered why the moon and the planets didn’t simply fly off into outer space but always moved in a curve around the Earth and the sun. He found out that the same force that pulled an apple back to the ground also kept the moon moving around the Earth.

      He discovered that the moon’s orbit is the result of two different movements. The first motion makes the moon fly along a straight line in space. A planet will always follow such a line if nothing else changes its direction or speed. The second force pulls the moon towards the Earth. If you put both movements together you get a curved path around the Earth.

         Newton also found out that every body or object has a force of gravity , and that every body pulls other bodies towards it. He also explained that gravity depends on the mass of an object or the amount of material that it has. Therefore the sun, which has a very large mass, has a greater force of gravity than the Earth, so the Earth moves around the sun. The moon goes around the Earth because the Earth’s gravity is larger than the moon’s.

          The force of gravity also depends on the distance between two objects. If they are close together gravity between them is greater.

Mass and Weight       Mass and weight are not the same. The mass of a body, its volume, always stays the same. Weight is the pull of gravity on an object. On Earth, an astronaut may weigh 70 kg. However when the same astronaut walks on the moon he weighs only a sixth – about 12 kg because the moon has less mass than the Earth and therefore its gravitational pull is smaller.

       If you stand on scales you can see how much your body is pulled towards the centre of the Earth. This is your weight.

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