Harley Quinn From Batman: The Animated Series (Arleen Sorkin) (8/14)

Perhaps it is a lesser known fact, considering Harley Quinn is such an energetic and “crazy” character that she surely seems to be a product of someone’ wild imagination, but Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel was actually inspired (and voiced!) by a real-life person. Sorkin explained how the character’s creator, Paul Dini, first conceptualized the Joker’s sidekick. “Actually, Paul and I have been friends since college-back at Emerson. He was home one day watching Days of Our Lives [a soap on which Sorkin appeared]. We did a dream sequence where I was a court jester and he said that was the inspiration for Harley. Paul called me up and said, ‘Would you like to do this character?’ I said yes and came over! I was born to play her.” Sorkin said.

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