Kavin Leelaigal IN Biggboss Season-3
About Kavin in Biggboss Season-3

1. About Kavin Introduction

2. Relationship with shakshi and Breakup of first love.

3. Supporting Losliya to Breakup His First Love..

4. Exposing His 3Yrs Love history outside Playing innocene role !! But LHS Broke up By exposing How he handle losliya

5. Forcing Losliya For Marriage And to forget his past

6. Breakup Drama to impress losliya But LHS Captured him in another way

7. Showing nallavan with sandy Relationship Drama with Losliya

8. Aggressive Kavin Reacting with Kasthuri Saying Human Rights

9. Kavin About Tharsan Saying he is not willing to win drama

10. Kavin Kurum Padam on Tasks .. He's cheating activity in task